Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Everyone irrespective of any region, religion, caste or community is welcome to Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar (Place of worship by Sikhs) All visitors to a Sikh Gurudwara should be aware of the following guidelines when visiting: Anyone of any faith can visit a Gurudwara and will be welcomed in the Gurudwara. So people feel free in the Gurudwara.

All visitors to a Sikh Gurudwara should be aware of the following guidelines when visting:

  • Please dress appropriately so that you can comfortably and with decency sit on the carpeted floor. It is recommended that all visitors to the Gurudwara wear loose fitting clothing which covers most of your legs. Low hanging or tight-fitting pants/trousers may not be suitable. Please try sitting on the carpeted floor at home for a short period to see if the clothing is suitable.

  • All visitors entering the Main Prayer Hall, called the Darbar Sahib and the Dining (Langar) Hall will have to remove their shoes and socks, and place them in the shoe racks provided.Wash your hands and feet. This is to stop dirty feet and hands spreading dirt and dust spreading around the Gurudwara. You cannot take shoes inside Main prayer hall at any cost even if you have just bought from a shop and they are still inside their packaging.

  • Strictly No Smoking is allowed in the vicinity of the Gurudwara premises. Visitors cannot enter the Gurudwara while under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs. You should not take cigarettes or tobacco with you into the premises or smoke while near the Gurudwara or soon before going into the Gurudwara.

  • All visitors MUST cover their heads while in the main Gurudwara areas ie: (Darbar Sahib and Langar Hall)

  • Visitors can take their laptops and other important documents to Main Prayer Hall, called the Darbar Sahib. Please make sure that you shouldn’t keep your jewellery or important valuables in the shoe room. Management team of Gurudwara is not responsible for any items stolen from there, We have a CCTV camera working there and we can provide you with footage if needed to provide to GARDA.

  • Visitors must make sure that they have safely parked their vehicles (cars/bikes/motorbikes) in the parking area of Gurudwara premises. The Vehicles should not be an obstruction to the passers by on the footpath or to oncoming vehicles on the road.

  • You can place Child trolleys inside the shoe room but make sure that you properly fold the child trolley before you place inside shoe room to cover minimum space as shoe room is not that spacious.

  • Head covering for men/boys will normally be available in the Gurudwara but a large knotted handkerchief is acceptable. (The Gurudwara provide handkerchief sized cloth to cover the head). Other hats and caps (eg baseball-style caps) are not appropriate. Sikh men normally wear a Turban. Make sure that your head is properly covered by clothing you use. If you need help you can ask someone else to tie clothing on your head to make sure that you head is properly covered. Wash your hands properly before you use any head covering or remove any head covering after you put on your shoes.

  • Women/Girls will need to wear a headscarf. The Gurudwara usually has a box of scarves, but you could bring your own headscarf for this purpose. Sikh ladies usually wear a "Chunni", which is normally a long, flowing semi-transparent plain cloth with a decorated, veiled edging.

  • Chairs are not provided in the Gurudwara and so, when sitting, this will be on the carpeted floor both in the Main Prayer Hall (Darbar Sahib) and in the Langar Hall. (A few chairs may be available in the Langar Hall for visitors who have difficulty sitting on the floor due to old age or other medical conditions).

  • On first entering the large prayer room (called the Darbar Sahib), a small bow to the Guru Granth Sahib (the holy book which Sikhs consider as their living Guru) shows respect to the host community. Backs should not be turned on the Guru Granth Sahib or the soles of the feet pointed towards the Sikh holy book when sitting on the carpet. It is normal to sit cross-legged yoga style. It may be a good idea to practice this at home if possible before your visit to the Gurdwara.

  • There is a steel box (golak) placed in front of the Guru Granth Sahib to offer your monetary contributions at your will and this is not mandatory at all. You can also bring vegetarian sweets or food items as an offering and place close to steel box (Golak).

  • Anyone who walks round the Guru Granth Sahib or the Gurudwara must do so in a clockwise direction.

  • During a service a person with a whisk or fan called a Chaur waves it over the Guru Granth Sahib as a sign of respect.

  • Men and women generally sit on separate sides of the hall. To avoid distraction and keep the main focus on God.

  • Stand up and press your both hands together at the time of Ardas. The word Ardas means “A prayer”. This is the time when everyone stands and say the prayers to the Almighty. Usually A priest say the prayers on the behalf of the congregration present inside the Main Prayer hall.

  • After Ardaas, the priest (Granthi Singh) takes the Hukamnama ( Holy message from Guru Granth Sahib) and read it loud to the congregation (Sangat) present inside the Main Prayer hall. During this time you have to sit down and listen peacefully. Avoid any movements like going out to answer phone call or moving to Langar hall for having food.

  • Even if you arrive and hukamnama is read out by Granthi Singh then just have a seat close to entrance of Main Prayer hall and once Granthi Singh (Sikh Priest) has finished with Hukamnama recitation you can proceed ahead to bow or pay your respect to Guru Granth Sahib and take your seat accordingly.

  • Visitors will usually be offered Krah Prasad (also called as Holy communion in English - sweet flour and oil based food offered as a gift) in the worship hall, which is usually given in cupped hands after the Hukamnama recitation by Sikh priest and eaten with the right hand. If you are uncertain about your ability to eat a lot of this food – Say “very small portion” to the Sewadaar (volunteer) serving the Kara Parshad. You should take a small plastic bag (or ask for one from the Sewadaar (volunteer) serving the Kara Parshad) to save your Kara Parshad if it is not to your taste – Please do not refuse it or throw it away.

  • Every Gurdwara has a Langar Hall (dining place) attached to it where food is served to everyone without charge. The food served in the Langar must be simple, so as to prevent wealthy congregations turning it into a feast that shows off their superiority. We all are supposed sit together and have the meal served. This is to remove casteism or groupism of high and low. If not too certain about consuming this food you can ask to be excused although most people should take langar as it is regarded as a blessing by the Guru. When in the Langar Hall, it is better to ask for less rather than take too much and waste the food. Say “very little” to the Sewadaar (volunteer) serving the Langar. If you require more later, just wait for the Sewadar to come around.

  • You can also do volunteer service like others of distributing food inside Langar hall, preparing food in Kitchen hall, washing utensils in Kitchen hall. Please make sure that you can ask anyone (who is doing volunteering service) for instructions to perform service.

  • We hope that your visit to Gurudwara is comfortable.

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